Case Results

Hit & Run –Not Filed!

When Mr. Berlin took this case, our client’s charge of fleeing the scene of an accident and being under the influence of impairing substances was never filed.

Grand Theft/Medical Fraud – Dismissed!

Our client was facing possible jail time and hefty fines for charges of grand theft related to healthcare products. After discussions and negotiations with the California Attorney General’s office, Mr. Berlin was able to have the case dismissed.

Sexual Assault of Minor – Not Filed!

The Law Office of Peter Berlin was able to help a client who was accused of sexual contact with a minor. Mr. Berlin was able to keep these charges from being filed.

1st Time DUI – Reduced!

The client was charged with a DUI which Mr. Berlin was able to successfully reduce to a lesser misdemeanor offense.

Terrorist Threats – Not Filed!

Mr. Berlin was able to speak with the applicable police agency to prevent the charges of terrorist threats against our client from being filed.

Felony Receiving Stolen Property – Reduced!

Our client was charged with a felony for receiving stolen goods. Mr. Berlin was able to have this felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor after negotiations with the district attorney.

DMV DUI License Suspension – Set Aside!

Mr. Berlin was able to successfully conduct a DMV hearing which involved our client’s charges of DUI and fleeing the scene. This successful hearing resulted in saving our client’s driver’s license and their ability to operate a motor vehicle.

Juvenile Assault with a Deadly Weapon – Reduced

After Mr. Berlin took the case he was able to reduce the client’s original felony charges of assault with a deadly weapon and possession for sale of marijuana, to a misdemeanor violation and six months of probation.

Sale of Drugs to Police Officer – Reduced/No Jail time!

When our client was charged with a sale of drugs to a police officer, Mr. Berlin was able to have certain counts dismissed and prevented any jail time for the other charges.