Criminal Defense: Pre-File Investigation

Are you under police investigation for any sort of crime?

When a crime is committed and you are suspected of involvement, but there is not enough evidence yet to arrest you on charges, then you may be under police investigation. This is designed to gather enough information from you that will allow the police officers to make an arrest and charge you with a crime. During this period it is crucial that you have the aid of an Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin on your side to help you throughout the pre-file investigation process.

If you are under investigation it is vitally important that you seek legal aid, in addition to this you must use your right to remain silent until speaking with a lawyer from our firm. Investigating officers may try and convince you that revealing information to them will help you in the long run, when in fact, the very opposite is true. When an officer suspects you are guilty of a crime, then all that he is concerned with is obtaining enough evidence to charge you with a crime, if you say anything to an investigating official, everything you say will be used to charge you with a crime.

Los Angeles Criminal Defense Attorney Protecting Those Under Investigation

Our firm is intent on providing you with the best possible assistance we can. We are comprised of experienced attorneys who are on the cutting edge of trial practice in the California court system and we were formed for the purpose of providing premier criminal defense representation for each of our clients. We offer a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability so that you may obtain legal advice at any time without any financial commitment. Seek legal aid from our firm today.

If you are facing investigation, contact an Los Angeles criminal attorney at our firm to discuss your options today.