Firm Overview

The criminal process instills great anxiety and fear in the mind of the accused. These fears stem not only from one’s legal problems, but also from the myths and misperceptions about the legal system promulgated by television, the cinema and the news media.

We pride ourselves not only as aggressive litigators, but as counselors throughout the legal process, ensuring that our clients understand their case and the legal system surrounding it.

The Law Office of Peter Berlin was specifically formed to provide premier criminal defense representation. The firm brings together seasoned attorneys who are on the cutting edge of trial practice in the California court system. Our goal is to work closely with our clients to provide an effective, yet cost efficient solution, to any legal problem. We believe that no two cases are alike, and we therefore tailor each litigation plan to the situation at hand.

We are creative and innovative thinkers willing to take the time to explore all possible options before implementing a specific strategy that would best suit each particular client.

Our experiences, legal accomplishments, education and interests define our firm’s philosophy of team work, excellence in client satisfaction, and ultimately achieving results for our clients.

We believe that working together as integrated, multidisciplinary teams, combining each attorney’s expansive range of experience and capabilities are the essential ingredients to providing the level of service our clients deserve.

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