Los Angeles Hit and Run Attorney

Charged with a DUI hit and run in Los Angeles, CA?

In a car accident, one major thing that an investigator or police officer will look for is evidence that someone was driving while intoxicated or under the influence of impairing substances. A charge for hit and run can be very detrimental. If a charge of hit and run is applied in addition to a charge for DUI, then the situation becomes very serious. There are serious penalties for conviction of DUI, as well as for conviction of a hit and run.

The penalties for a conviction of hit and run where there is only property damage involved could be a traffic ticket at the bare minimum. If a person is injured or killed in an accident, and you fail to leave your information or make a reasonable attempt to identify the property owner, then you could face penalties of fines and imprisonment. For a DUI conviction you could also face fines and imprisonment with possible license suspension. A person who is convicted of DUI and hit and run in the same charge will face more serious penalties of fines and imprisonment.

Hit and Run Lawyer in Los Angeles

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