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What You Need to Know About Probation Violation in California

If a defendant is convicted of a crime that requires jail time as part of the penalty, the defendant may receive probation as a substitute for incarceration for a full term. The court that rules the probation period will also supply conditions that must be met. This sentence is a form of conditional and supervised release, all conditions must be met or the defendant could face additional jail time. There are essentially two kinds of probation, informal and formal probation. Informal probation requires you to obey all laws and complete the terms of your sentence. Formal probation requires that you do the same as informal probation and report to your probation officer once a month.

As a general rule, probation periods last for three years, but can extend to five. If for any reason you do not comply with the terms of your probation or you fail to report to your probation officer, then your probation could be revoked and you would be incarcerated. There are many ways that someone can violate probation; some of these ways include failure to pay restitution, committing new crimes such as possession of illegal drugs, driving while under the influence of impairing substances and even being arrested.

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