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Three Strikes Law in California

The California Three Strikes law is a system that multiplies the imprisonment term of a convicted felon. The imprisonment term for a first felony conviction will be any given amount of time, the second conviction will double the term of service. A third conviction of any felony will result in a minimum of 25-years-to-life imprisonment with the possibility of parole. For repeat offenders of any kind of felony, the prison sentence increases drastically.

Conviction of a felony can have very serious consequences such as imprisonment, a severely marred criminal record and even job loss. A second or third felony conviction will trigger the three strikes law which multiplies the penalties for a felony conviction. In some cases, such as DUI felony, if you have a previous felony conviction, your misdemeanor charge may be increased to a felony charge based on your previous issues with this matter.

In California in 2003, 68% of all adult felony arrests resulted in conviction. This statistic shows the need for a skilled and experienced Los Angeles criminal defense attorney for anyone who is facing a felony charge of any kind. At The Law Office of Peter Berlin you will not be a small fish in a big pond, you will receive extensive one-on-one personal service. Our firm understands the difficulties that a felony charge can bring, and we know how strenuous it can be to fight this charge on your own. We are here to help you; our legal team was formed to provide premier criminal defense representation.

How an Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Can Help You

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin our legal team knows what it takes to fight a felony charge. If you are facing a criminal charge and if you have been convicted of two prior felonies, it is vital that you seek the legal aid of an Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm in order to maximize your chances of having your current felony charge dropped. A third felony charge could drastically alter your life. Our firm offers a free initial consultation, as well as 24/7 contact availability.

Contact an Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm to discuss your felony c harge, and to obtain excellent legal representation in your case.