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Drug Trafficking Law and Penalties in California

Drug distribution laws penalize those who are convicted of selling and transporting illegal substances. The term distribution in drug crimes refers to selling illegal substances and/or trading illegal substances for products, services or various favors. The laws set up against illegal drug transportation and distribution was designed specifically to punish the big time dealers, and repeat offenders. These laws affect all of those who are convicted; even the nonviolent offenders will face very serious penalties for conviction.

If you are facing charges for drug crimes such as distribution, you could face very serious penalties for conviction. Depending on factors such as the type and quantity of the drug that you were arrested and charged for distributing, you could be facing a long prison sentence if convicted, hefty fines, parole/probation, forfeiture of assets as well as many other penalties. Other factors used in determining the severity of your charge could include the geographic location you were charged with distributing in, and even the involvement of a minor in any way.

Los Angeles Drug Crime Lawyer

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