Los Angeles DUI Lawyer

The Dangers of a DUI Conviction

Driving under the influence of impairing substances often includes alcohol, but sometimes prescription medication can cause the same symptoms. When a law enforcement officer makes a traffic stop, or he stops due to suspicion of DUI, as he approaches the vehicle he is looking for one thing: evidence as to whether or not you are driving while impaired. Everything you say, and every piece of evidence he can gather will be used against you in court if he is able to arrest you on charges of DUI.

There are many complications that can arise with a DUI charge in addition to the stress and difficulty of combating this accusation. A DUI conviction will go on your driving record. Some people’s careers depend on maintaining a clean driving record, and a DUI conviction could result in loss of a job, and further disqualification for employment in the same field. Others could face a felony conviction that may result in enforcement of California’s three strikes law. For example, a hit and run while intoxicated that resulted in damaged property could earn you a felony DUI charge.

Drunk Driving Defense in Los Angeles

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin our firm is dedicated to providing premier criminal defense representation of each of our clients. While some DUI issues can be resolved at a DMV hearing, there are others that will require more in-depth consideration and could need representation in court. If you have been charged with a DUI, then you will greatly benefit from the legal experience of an Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from our firm. Our legal team handles many different areas of criminal defense in addition to DUI; we have the experience it ta kes to assess what we need to provide in a given case in order to serve our clients.

When charged for drunk driving, contact an Los Angeles DUI lawyer from our team to find out how you may be able to fight the allegations against you.