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Insurance Fraud in Los Angeles

Fraud is the act of knowingly committing an act of obtaining a benefit that is not due to the person, or when someone denies a benefit that is due to someone. Insurance fraud occurs when an individual knowingly and illegally obtains insurance benefits, or when an insurance provider withholds benefits from someone that is entitled to these benefits. There is generally one cause for insurance fraud, or fraud of any kind, and that is for financial gain.

Fraud is classified in two categories: hard and soft fraud. Hard fraud consists of an individual or corporation that deliberately plans or fakes a loss, accident, theft or fire in order to receive insurance payments for the loss. Soft fraud is also known as opportunistic fraud and it involves policyholders exaggerating claims, such as a collision victim claiming more damage than was actually present. If you have been charged with insurance fraud, you could face very serious penalties for conviction. An Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin will be able to assist you throughout the duration of your case.

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