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There are many different scenarios where a person can be charged with criminal activity. Sadly there are many crimes that require no evidence other than the word of a witness; this causes many individuals to be falsely accused of crimes that they did not commit. If this ever happens to you, it is vital that you have an experienced and skilled Los Angeles criminal attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin on your side to help defend you against false accusations and false or twisted evidence. Because of the many different crimes that can result in harsh penalties, it is important that you know a lawyer that can serve you in many different ways. Our firm practices all of the following areas and we can aid you in any of these situations:


Driving while under the influence of impairing substances can include alcohol as well as prescription medication. While an alcohol charge requires that your blood alcohol content be above 0.08%, any amount of prescription medication thought to be impairing could cause you to be arrested and charged with DUI. Read more about DUI

Drug Crimes

The term drug crime covers several different crimes including possession and sales or distribution. This can be a difficult scenario when medical marijuana is involved. Read more about drug crimes

Theft Crimes

Theft crime includes robbery and burglary which is not the same thing. These crimes can result in several different penalties depending on the value of the items taken, and other circumstances surrounding the theft. Read more about theft crimes

White Collar Crimes

White collar crimes include various crimes that are usually done by salaried professionals. These crimes often take place in offices through embezzlement and Medical/Medicare fraud. Read more about white collar crimes

Terrorist Threats

Threats to cause violence or damage to an individual or property are generally considered terrorist threats. This crime encompasses many other kinds of threats or insinuations and is punishable by law. Read more about terrorist threats


Trespassing can be committed against a person or property, most often it is associated with the crime of walking or riding onto soil that belongs to another person, and you are not invited to do so. Read more about trespassing

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is committed within a household or family and is considered a form of abuse. This abuse can be verbal, physical, sexual, emotional and economic. Read more about domestic violence

Juvenile Crimes

When an individual under the age of 18 commits a crime and is charged, they are most often charged with juvenile crimes. It is vital that legal aid be sought in this situation, as the future of the individual could be permanently damaged. Read more about juvenile crimes


Assault is often confused with battery; these are not the same thing. Assault is the threat of violence by show of force. This crime can be difficult in court, as it does not require much evidence other than the word of a witness and the victim. Read more about assault


Battery is any unwanted contact, usually violent. This is often a difficult case because an accidental fall could cause you to be accused of battery. Read more about battery


Kidnapping is the unwanted transportation of another person a significant distance, against their will. Examples could be taking a child for ransom, or holding a gun to a drivers head and telling them to drive you a certain distance. Read more about kidnapping


An example of manslaughter could be a car accident that results in serious injuries to an individual, and these injuries result in their death. If you caused the car accident, you could be charged with manslaughter. Read more about manslaughter


Homicide includes violent crimes such as first and second degree murder and some manslaughter cases. These charges generally result from intentional and sometimes premeditated acts of violence that result in the death of another. Read more about homicide

Federal Crimes

When a crime is committed against federal property or that violates the U.S. civil code, then federal crime charges can ensue. The penalties for conviction of a federal crime can be extremely detrimental depending on the circumstances of the crime. Read more about federal crimes

Firearm Violations

If you have been convicted of a felony in the past, then your right to possess a firearm has been revoked. If you are caught with a firearm in your possession or being kept on your property, this could be an example of a firearm violation. Read more about firearm violations

Sex Crimes

Any violent and unwanted sexual encounter such as rape and statutory rape is considered a sex crime. A sexual act of any kind against a child is also considered a sex crime, and there are severe penalties for some specific sex crimes depending on the victim, the severity and other circumstances. Read more about sex crimes

Pre-File Investigations

If you are suspected of committing a crime but there is not enough evidence for you to be arrested and charged, you may be placed under investigation. Any information that is given to investigation authorities will be used to convict you of a crime later in the trial process if you are charged. Read more about pre-file investigations

Probation Violations

When a crime is committed and the defendant is convicted, one of the penalties may be probation. If all of the terms of this probation are not adhered to exactly, the result could be jail time if convicted of probation violation. Read more about probation violation

Parole Violations

When a defendant is convicted of a crime, and part of the penalty is a prison sentence, an option that may be made available to the convict could be release on parole. This is a strict, supervised release and if all terms of the parole are not followed, the result could be additional prison time. Read more about parole violations

Los Angeles Criminal Attorney

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin, our firm has been made up of skilled and experienced attorneys who are on the cutting edge of trial practice in the California court system. Our firm is intent on providing premiere criminal defense representation to those who have been charged with a crime. We believe that no two cases are alike and that any litigation strategy must be specifically tailored to fit the specific needs of the case at hand as well as the desires and goals of our client. Further, we believe that all options must be explored before deciding on a litigation strategy that will be fine-tuned.

If you choose to work with our firm, you will not be a small fish in a big pond; we sincerely care about our clients so you will receive extensive one-on-one personal service. Our legal team works closely with our clients in order to provide an effective and cost-efficient solution to any legal problem. In addition, we serve as aggressive litigators, but we also serve as counselors so that you will understand your case and the legal system that applies. Our legal team’s experience, accomplishments, education and interests define our firm’s philosophy of team work, excellence in client satisfaction and ultimately achieving results for our clients. If you have been charged with a criminal act, then seek the aid of a member of our legal team, without your freedom nothing else matters. Our firm offers a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability.

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