Parole Violation Charges in Beverly Hills

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Many people confuse parole with probation, but they are two very different things. Probation is given to a convicted criminal in lieu of a prison sentence. Parole is where a person is released from prison after having already served part of their sentence. This is usually after they have demonstrated exceptionally good behavior.

When a person is released on parole, they are required to follow certain rules and terms. Otherwise they could be charged and convicted of a parole violation, adding further to their criminal penalties. Most parolees are required to report to a parole officer on a regular basis. In some situations, they may also be required to attend rehabilitation programs, such as alcohol or drug rehab, counseling, or therapy sessions. Another common requirement for parolees is that they apply for jobs and keep employment once they find it.

Violating the Terms of Parole

When a person fails to follow any of these or other terms and guidelines of their parole, they will likely be charged with a parole violation. As a result, they could be faced with additional penalties on top of those they have already received. In the worst case scenario, they will be required to return to prison and serve the remainder of their sentence. Any person faced with charges of a parole violation could be convicted if they don’t have adequate defense from a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. If you are facing charges, take action today.

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