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When a person is convicted of a crime, their life could be turned completely upside down. For more serious crimes, fines can reach $10,000 or more. Jail and prison sentences can be as little as 180 days to a life sentence without parole. No matter what charges you may be facing, it is vitally important that you take the necessary precautions against being penalized when you are innocent of the crime you are accused of committing.

At the Law Office of Peter Berlin, each Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer is skilled in providing the highest quality legal defense available. We treat each client with care and concern, keep them informed throughout the entire legal process, and fight relentlessly for their freedom and for their rights. For over 15 years, our firm has handled every kind of criminal defense case, giving us the experience we need to provide the best possible outcome for your case. Following are the types of criminal defense cases that we handle:

Driving under the influence of alcohol, or DUI, is the leading cause of over 30% of car accidents in the U.S. each year. But there are cases where a police officer may not correctly administer field sobriety tests, or where a blood- or breath-alcohol test may produce a faulty reading. Click here to read more about DUI.

Drug Crimes
Most drug crimes in California are felonies, which are serious crimes usually resulting in over a year in prison, as well as high fines. Some drug crimes, such as the possession of medical marijuana, can be considered misdemeanors and usually result in less than a year in jail, as well as lower-though still significant-fines. Click here to read more about drug crimes.

In basic terms, burglary is committed when a person enters a structure of any kinds, such as a store or a business, with the intent of committing a crime inside. Click here to read more about burglary.

Robbery is committed when a person forcefully takes something from another person using threats and violence. Click here to learn more about robbery.

White Collar Crimes
When a businessman of high social standing commits a crime within his profession for the purpose of personal monetary gain, it is considered to be a white collar crime. Such crimes can ruin a person’s reputation and career. Click here to read more about white collar crimes.

Criminal Threats
When a person threatens another person and causes them to be fearful for their health or for their life, it is considered to be a criminal threat. Even if the person making the threat had absolutely no intent of carrying out the action, they could still be convicted if they caused the other person to become fearful. Click here to read more about criminal threats.

A person commits the crime of trespassing when they enter private property without the consent of the owner. There is also civil trespassing, which occurs when damage is done on the private property by the trespasser. Click here to read more about trespassing.

Domestic Violence
When there is violence between two persons in a relationship, it is considered to be domestic violence. This is possible whether or not the couple is married or living together. Click here to read more about domestic violence.

Juvenile Crimes
Crimes committed by persons under the age of 18 usually bring about different convictions. However, a juvenile could still be tried as an adult, depending on their crime. Click here to read more about juvenile crimes.

When a person uses words, actions, and expressions to cause another person to fear imminent physical harm, it is considered assault. No physical contact or harm has to occur for a person to be convicted of assault. Click here to read more about assault.

Battery is when a person comes into physical contact with a person in an unlawful, unpermitted, and harmful way. Assault is often paired with battery in criminal charges. Click here to read more about battery.

Though this act is usually associated with the taking of children, kidnapping is the forceful taking and transportation of any person against their will, often followed by false imprisonment. Click here to read more about kidnapping.

When a person causes the death of another unintentionally, it is considered to be manslaughter. People often confuse this with murder, but they are not the same. Click here to read more about manslaughter.

A person who intentionally kills another person is able to be charged with murder. As one of the most serious crimes possible, murder brings about extremely harsh consequences if a person is convicted. Click here to read more about murder.

Federal Crimes
A crime can be committed on one of two levels: state or federal. Federal offenses are more serious and include fraud, counterfeiting, and certain weapons offenses. Click here to read more about federal crimes.

Weapon Offenses
Some weapon offenses are under state jurisdiction, but many of them are federal crimes. As such, they can be considered felonies, bringing sentences of thousands of dollars and as much as life in prison. Click here to read more about weapon offenses.

Sex Crimes
Crimes such as rape, statutory rape, and sexual battery are all serious offenses that could cause a person to be required to pay high fines, not to mention spend years in prison. Click here to read more about sex crimes.

Pre-File Investigations
If a person is accused of a crime, it is not the same as being charged with a crime. When a person accuses someone of a crime, if a police officer or other law official was not a witness, an investigation must be made before charges can be filed. Click here to read more about pre-file investigations.

Probation Violations
In some cases, a person may be put on probation instead of being required to serve time in jail or prison. While on probation, the person must follow strict regulations or be guilty of a probation violation. Click here to read more about probation violations.

Parole Violations
When a person has already served a portion of their prison sentence, if they have demonstrated good behavior and met certain standards, they may be eligible for parole. If granted parole, they will be released from prison under strict supervision. Should they fail to follow the terms of their parole, they will be guilty of a violation. Click here to read more about parole violations.

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