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Cultivation Charges in California

According to the California Health & Safety Code 11358, cultivation of marijuana includes handling seeds, planting in soil, harvesting, and drying the leaves to prepare it for use. If police find multiple plants, then they often assume the grower is selling the drug. The grower’s charges will then be increased to possession with intent to sell. An individual who is charged with cultivation in California may be facing felony charges of up to three years in state prison and fines. If there are additional charges of possession with intent to sell, then the accused person may get an additional three years with fines of up to $10,000.

To ensure that you have a tough legal defender on your side for cultivation charges, call the Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyers at The Law Office of Peter Berlin. We have had over 15 years of experience in defending the criminally charged, effectively helping individuals getting their charges reduced or dropped altogether.

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When you come to our firm for help, there are a number of tough defenses that we may use on your behalf. First, we could try to prove that your marijuana cultivation was legal under the Medical Marijuana program. Under Proposition 215, California residents who have been given a medical marijuana card cannot be prosecuted if they’ve obeyed the following guidelines: having equal to or less than six mature marijuana plants, twelve immature plants, and up to eight ounces of dried cannabis. The amount of plants that an individual can possess varies from county to county.

If you don’t have a medical marijuana card, then we may able to demonstrate that you weren’t growing the marijuana. This may be applicable if the marijuana was grown on land that you didn’t own or in an area to which many people have access.

Our legal team could also try to show that the police performed an illegal search and seizure. The Fourth Amendment prohibits law enforcement officials from searching your personal property without a warrant or your consent. If we can prove that the search was not legal, then the evidence could be thrown out. Once we meet with you to discuss the details of your situation, we may be able to use one of these defenses or others that better suit your case. Our firm makes sure that each of our clients gets the attention needed to defend their charges.

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