Robbery Charges in Beverly Hills, California

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One of the most terrifying crimes that can be committed against a person is that of robbery. Unlike burglary, which is committed without violence, robbery is defined as theft with the utilization of force, threats, and/or violence. When a person threatens another with physical harm, or uses a weapon to intimidate the other person in order to persuade them to hand over their personal property, they are guilty of robbery. Fear is the main distinguishing feature in robbery in that the person committing the crime uses threats or violence to induce fear in the victim in a way that forces them to relinquish their personal property to the robber.

Penalties for Robbery in California

As a felony, robbery brings very serious penalties. Any felony is considered a strike under the California Three Strikes Law, which could contribute to the convicted person being imprisoned for 25 years to life. Even if the robbery was not their third or consequent strike, the person may be face with a minimum of two years in prison. A First Degree Robbery-the worst level of offense-will result in up to nine years in prison. Also, on top of any of these charges, an additional year in prison will be added if a firearm was involved, or three years if the firearm was an assault weapon, machine gun, or .50 BMG rifle. If you are accused of any of the above, be sure to get competent legal representation to ensure that you are not punished for such a serious crime.

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