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In order to succeed in their career, a businessperson relies on the integrity of his or her reputation. Should their reputation be harmed, they risk losing their position, as well as losing the chance of ever reaching or surpassing that level of success ever again. One of the harshest ways a person’s business reputation can be damaged is when they are charged with a white collar crime.

White collar crimes are committed when a businessperson, or other such person of high social standing, commits a crime within their occupation for the sake of personal monetary gain. Some white collar crimes are considered to be felonies, which are some of the most severely punished offenses in the country. Penalties for white collar crimes include high fines and numerous years in jail. Some fines have reached into the hundreds of thousands, and a life sentence in jail is possible in extreme cases, though highly unlikely. At the Law Office of Peter Berlin, each lawyer is experienced in handling all kinds of white collar crime cases, including the following:

Medical/Medicaid Fraud Medicaid is a program available for certain eligible individuals in order to help pay for specific necessary medical services. To receive this aid, a person must apply and receive a Medicaid identification number, which will be necessary should they need treatment of any kind and wish for it to be covered by Medicaid. Sometimes, people will “sell” their Medicaid number to another person so they can benefit from Medicaid without actually being eligible, which is a form of fraud. Hospitals and doctors can also commit Medicaid fraud by billing Medicaid for procedures and services that were never performed or rendered.

Insurance Fraud This form of fraud occurs when an insured person makes a false or exaggerated insurance claim in order to gain compensation that they do not rightfully deserve. Also, an insurance agency can also be guilty of insurance fraud by selling fake insurance services to clients, or by theft of insurance premiums that the clients paid them.

Embezzlement When a person who has been put in legal charge of another person’s finances and assets uses those assets for their own, personal gain without the consent of the owner, they are guilty of embezzlement.

Criminal Fraud Most cases of criminal fraud are considered to felonies, which are some of the worst levels of crime in the country. As a result, convictions of fraud lead to lengthy jail or prison sentences and high fines. These are in addition to the guilty party repaying the victim however much is owed them due to the fraudulent acts committed against them.

Each of these types of white collar crime charges will bring severe consequences if you are convicted. Don’t let that happen! Find out how you could be defended in court by a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney.

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