Beverly Hills Burglary Charges

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When a person enters a building or business with the intent of committing a crime inside, such as petty theft or a felony, then they are guilty of burglary. No violence needs to occur and neither does breaking and entering. The person could walk through an open door and still be convicted of burglary. All that is necessary to press charges is evidence proving beyond a reasonable doubt that the person intended to commit a crime inside the structure before they even entered it. Such evidence is hard to come by, however, and as a result it is difficult to prove a burglary case. Nevertheless, innocent people are accused of burglary all the time.

Burglary can also fall under one of two categories: residential or commercial. Each of these brings its own consequences. Commercial burglary is the lesser of the two crimes and occurs when a person walks into a business, such as a store, restaurant, or any location where no one lives, with the intent of committing a crime inside. However, if a person enters a residence, being any place where a person or people live, with the intent of committing a crime inside, then they are guilty of residential burglary. This offense brings a harsher sentence, including a strike under the California Three Strikes Law, which could contribute to the person being imprisoned for life. Should you find yourself facing any kind of burglary charges, don’t hesitate to get the help of a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney. Without proper legal representation, you may be punished severely.

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