Weapon Offenses in Beverly Hills

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In the state of California, purchasing a firearm of any kind is not generally prohibited. If you are 18 or older and are not convicted of a felony, convicted of a misdemeanor, or suffering from a mental illness, you have every right to purchase and own a firearm. However, there are restrictions on carrying a weapon, especially in public or when it is concealed.

Regarding the carrying of weapons, California has open carry laws that allow you to carry a firearm in public as long as it is not loaded and it remains in plain sight. The only exception is school zones and government buildings (including post offices), where no firearms may be carried whatsoever. A person may also obtain a license to carry a concealed weapon (CCW). These permits can be obtained at your local sheriff’s office, but you must meet certain requirements, such as being of high moral standing and having a reasonable need for the permit.

Defending Yourself Against Weapons Charges

Should you be charged with a weapon offense, you may face high charges or time in prison if convicted. For more serious offenses, you may face life in prison. For example, following California’s “10-20-Life” law, you could face 10 years in prison for using a gun, 20 years for firing a gun, or 25 to life for killing or seriously injuring a person with a gun. Even if you sentenced to life imprisonment, a weapon offense could be a felony. As such, it is a strike on your record and could contribute to your being imprisoned for life through the California Three Strikes Law, depending on any past and future convictions you have or may receive.

Charges of a weapon offense can be fought in numerous ways. You may have been acting in self-defense when you fired your weapon. You may not have been aware that you were in possession of a weapon if it was placed there by another party. Or you may simply be the victim of a false accusation. Whatever the case, competent legal representation is vital in order to have your charges reduced or dropped altogether.

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