Battery Charges

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People often assume that “assault” and “battery” must be committed together, or that the two crimes are the same. This is not true. Assault is committed when a person causes another person to fear harm, injury, or death without causing that injury to occur, and battery occurs when a person purposefully touches another person in a harmful or offensive manner. Even if the contact was not intended to be harmful or offensive, if the other person believes it to be so, battery charges may be filed.

Defenses Against Battery Charges in Beverly Hills

There are several different ways a person could defend themselves against charges of battery. First and foremost, the accused person may have never touched the other person in the first place. This may be because of mistaken identity, or simply because the accuser is making a false accusation. Also, if the contact was an accident and you never intended to touch the accuser, a defense could be made. Lastly, if you touched the other person out of self-defense because you believed they were trying to harm you, you may be able to fight your charges. Whatever the case, you need the legal representation of a Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer for the best chance of succeeding in your case.

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