Trespassing Charges in Beverly Hills, CA

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We’ve all seen the signs that say “No Trespassing,” have you ever really thought about the consequences of disobeying one of these posted warnings? You may think of the common saying “trespassers will be shot,” but of course that is illegal. However, there are other punishments for trespassing that are completely legal and often harsh.

A basic definition of trespassing would be the unauthorized entering into privately owned property without the consent of the property owner. This property can be land, real estate, or a business. More severe cases of trespassing include the accidental or purposeful damage of the property that has been encroached upon, such as timber, livestock, crops, signage, or structures of any kind. When a person is convicted of trespassing, it can be a misdemeanor or felony depending on the circumstances. As a felony, it could result in a strike under the California Three Strikes Law and the person could be one step closer to being imprisoned for 25 years to life.

Fighting Trespassing Charges

There are specific regulations, however, that must be followed in order for a person to rightfully charge another with trespassing. If a person is accused of trespassing, but there were no signs or any other form of warning that they were trespassing on private property, they have the right to defend themselves from such accusations. To be able to press trespassing charges, a property owner must not only post signs forbidding trespassing, but they must three of such signs within every mile long the border of their property. If a person enters their property in a location where there was no sign visible, and there were less than three such signs within a given mile, they may be able to fight any accusations of trespassing in court. Whenever a person faces any kind of criminal defense case such as this, without proper legal representation, they may end up being convicted for a crime that they did not commit. High fines and years in prison could result in permanent damage to their reputation, their relationships, their finances, and their life. Don’t let this happen to you!

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