Pre-File Investigations in Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills Criminal Lawyer Fighting Your Charges Before They’re Even Filed

Most people think that a criminal defense case begins when charges are filed against someone. But these cases actually start when a person is first accused of the crime. In order for someone to file charges against another person, the crime must have been witnessed by a police officer or other law official. If no officer was present at the time, an investigation must first be made before charges can be filed. This is process is known as a pre-file investigation.

Many law firms do not offer assistance with pre-file investigations. This could be because they do not think it a necessary service, or because they know they can charge higher legal fees after charges have been filed. An attorney’s assistance in a pre-file investigation is extremely important, however, because they may be able to stop the problem in its tracks before it escalates into a court case. Why wait until charges are filed when you could defend yourself from the very beginning? By having a Beverly Hills criminal defense lawyer on your side from the start, you give them the opportunity to study your situation, gather evidence, and argue your innocence from the very beginning in order to prevent you from facing charges at all. If you have been accused of a crime and a pre-file investigation is under way, don’t wait to contact an attorney right away.

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