Beverly Hills Criminal Threat Lawyer

Defining Criminal Threats in California

When a person is angry, it is very easy for them to lash out verbally and say things that they don’t mean. In many cases, these words can be very aggressive and threatening, causing the other party to become fearful for their safety or for their life. When a person makes threats such as this, whether verbally or via communication such as writing, email, computer, telephone, or texting, they may be charged and convicted with criminal threats. A criminal threat can be charged as a misdemeanor or a felony and, should it be a felony, can bring with it large fines and extensive time in prison, not to mention a strike under the California Three Strikes Law.

However, just as anger can cause a person to make such threats, certain situations and emotions can also cause a person to make false accusations of criminal threats. Whether a person misinterprets your words because of their emotional distress, or if they weave a complete lie about how you threatened them, you may be facing accusations or charges of criminal threats. If such is the case, a Beverly Hills criminal defense attorney may be able to advise and defend you.

How a Criminal Defense Lawyer in Beverly Hills Could Help

Without proper legal counsel and representation, you may end up being convicted of criminal threats and paying penalties you do not deserve to pay, including possible life in prison if the conviction constitutes your third or consequent “strike.” In such cases, you should contact the Law Office of Peter Berlin for a free initial case evaluation to learn what could be done to defend you. Our firm has over 15 years of experience fighting all kinds of false criminal defense charges, including criminal threats cases, and we would love to inform you how we could provide aggressive representation for your case. Call today to schedule your free consultation.

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