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What You Must Know About Assault Charges

One of the most common misconceptions about assault is that it is the same as battery, this is not true. While many times in criminal law, assault is accompanied by battery, the act of assault is defined as acting intentionally causing the reasonable apprehension of an immediate harmful or offensive contact. In essence, assault is a threat of violence caused by an immediate show of force, battery involves actual contact. An assault charge can result in a misdemeanor with penalties of up to six months in a county jail, $1,000 fine, community service, informal probation and possibly a batterer’s program.

The penalties for conviction of an assault charge can range from a misdemeanor to a felony depending on if the assault was done with a deadly weapon. For a felony assault charge, the penalties could include up to four years in a state prison, and up to a $10,000 fine among other penalties. The one big problem with assault is that injuries are not required for a charge to be made. This can result in false accusations based solely on the word of people who say that they saw you assault another person. Sadly, this can also result in false conviction.

How an Los Angeles Criminal Attorney Can Help You

Because of the serious penalties that an assault charge can bring, it is imperative that you have an Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin on your side. There are many testimonies that will be given as well as eyewitness accounts in the trial, it is essential that you have a lawyer on your side that can defend you against false evidence and testimonies. Our firm has had many years of experience in many different areas of criminal defense. We have the experience and the knowledge it takes to provide an excellent defense of your case.

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