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Criminal charges can be an extremely difficult thing to face. Depending on the type of crime, the severity, circumstances surrounding the crime and your criminal history, you could face extremely harsh penalties if you are convicted. It is vital that you seek the legal aid of an Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin for zealous criminal defense representation of your case. Without a strong defense, your future could be permanently crippled. A felony conviction could put a strike on your record and depending on the type of crime that you are convicted for you could be excluded from certain kinds of work. It may also become extremely difficult for you to find housing due to a conviction of a specific crime.

Criminal Charges in Los Angeles, CA and the Surrounding Areas

There are many different ways to be charged for a crime, and there are many different crimes that can be charged. It is vital that you are well represented in your case, in order to maximize your chances of a favorable outcome. Our firm is dedicated to helping those who are facing criminal charges; we know that without your freedom nothing else matters. We sincerely care about our clients, for this reason, we offer legal representation to the residents of Los Angeles, CA and these other surrounding areas:

If you reside in any of these areas and you are in need of criminal defense representation, do not hesitate to seek the legal assistance of a member of our legal team. We work closely with our clients in order to provid e an effective and cost efficient solution to any legal problem. We also serve as aggressive litigators and counselors throughout you case so that you may understand your case and the legal system that applies. We offer a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability so that you may obtain legal advice at any time without any financial obligation or commitment.

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