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Los Angeles is a metropolis in Southern California with a population of about 3.8 million, making it the most populated city in the state and the second most populated in the entire country. Crime is a major issue in the area and law enforcement has undergone extensive measures to help reduce the number of occurrences. It is considered to be one of the most dangerous cities in the country and with the large push to lower the number, many innocent people get accused or suspects are faced with more severe penalties than what is fair for the crime. In 2010, there were 293 homicides alone, with crimes of theft, violence, rape and even gang crimes also being high. It is common in big cities for crime to be high, just as it is common for law enforcement to go too far.

Criminal defense is a very important role in a legal setting. There are many officials whose job is to see that you are convicted of the charged crime. They will bring forth witnesses, evidence and do anything else they feel that they must, in order convict you of the crime for which you are charged. Your criminal defense lawyer is the only, or one of very few people that will speak out in your defense. Because of the complex process and the delicate and precise way in which the defense must be handled, your choice of a defense lawyer could literally be the difference between conviction and freedom. Depending on the circumstances of the crime that you are being charged for, you could be facing a misdemeanor or felony conviction.

Misdemeanor and Felony Charges in Los Angeles

Depending on the circumstances, drug crimes, a DUI and some juvenile crimes may all be charged as a misdemeanor. A misdemeanor generally does not carry as severe of penalties as a felony, but it is still a criminal charge nonetheless and will go on your record. A felony conviction could result in a strike against your record. Under the California three strikes law, upon the third strike, your prison sentence will be elevated to 25 years to life with the possibility of parole regardless of the previous sentence.

There are many crimes that can be charged as a felony, some of which include domestic violence, white collar crimes, federal crimes and sex crimes. A felony will come with a higher cost, but even a conviction for a misdemeanor can be extremely damaging to those found guilty by the court system. In California, a felony sentence can be serious enough that it involves a life sentencing or the death penalty. A felony can land those accused in prison or jail, depending on the facts of the case and past criminal record. If you are facing a criminal charge it is crucial that you seek the legal aid of a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from The Law Office of Peter Berlin.

Los Angeles Criminal Lawyer Defending Your Rights

Our firm is intent on providing the best possible criminal defense representation for each of our clients. We are formed of experienced lawyer who are on the cutting edge of trial practice in California. Our legal team has many years of experience in many different areas of criminal defense including felony charges as well as misdemeanor crimes consisting of firearm violations, theft crimes such as burglary, and even probation violations and parole violations among others. Those found guilty can be facing a prison sentence, probation, fines, the loss of their license and further repercussions.

Fighting charges is important to protect your future and we can help as we have done so successfully with many accused individuals in the past. Our experience handling similar situations has allowed us to better understand what tactics can aid in defending our clients and protecting their freedom. We have had many cases to our success and to the satisfaction of our client. We offer a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability so that you may obtain legal aid at any time and without any financial obligation or commitment.

Contact a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney from our firm to discuss your options regarding your criminal charge today.

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