Criminal Fraud in Los Angeles

Criminal Defense Lawyer in Los Angeles

In criminal law, fraud is intentional omission of truth or deception in order to obtain financial profit or other assets, or to damage another individual or entity. Because of the complexity of proving intentional deception or ignorance, each fraud case is different and requires special care and attention. The penalties for fraud can be very serious, everyone makes bad choices, and some people are accused of crimes that they did not commit and therefore should not be punished. If you have been charged with fraud of any kind, it is imperative that you contact an Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer from The Law Office of Peter Berlin. There are many difficult scenarios that can arise in a white collar crime case , as well as evidence that must be carefully scrutinized in order to prevent twisted or false evidence from incriminating you.

White Collar Crimes in Los Angeles

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin, we understand that without your freedom nothing else matters. In any criminal defense case, it is true that no two cases are alike, this requires that each case be carefully assessed and each client must be dealt with on a personal level in order to tailor any given litigation strategy to the specific needs of the client. If you choose to work with our firm, you will not be a small fish in a big pond; you will receive extensive one-on-one personal service. Our legal team is made up of attorneys who are on the cutting edge of trial practice in California, and our firm was formed for the purpose of providing premier criminal defense representation for our clients. We offer a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability so that you may seek legal aid night and day.