Los Angeles Drug Crime Attorney

Charges and Penalties for Drug Possession, Distribution & Cultivation

Drug crimes is an umbrella term that refers to drug related crimes such as possession of illegal substances, distribution of illegal drugs, cultivation of illegal substances and issues related to medical marijuana among many others. According to the United States Bureau of Justice, 2002 in the United States around 25% of all convicted drug offenders in the local jails had committed their crimes in order to obtain money or resources to barter for additional illegal substances. The term “drug crime” encompasses a wide range of felonies and misdemeanors associated with possession, sales and distribution and cultivation of illegal substances among other categories.

Drug possession refers to having illegal drugs or narcotics on one’s person for any reason, whether it is for the purpose of sales and distribution or for personal use. Drug sales and distribution involves trading illegal drugs or substances for money, resources or any kind of service, and the penalty for conviction will change depending on if the substance was marijuana, heroin, cocaine or other substances.

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