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Experienced Criminal Defense Against Sex, Drug, Theft and Other Crimes

If any type of criminal charge is filed against you or a loved one, it is a situation to take very seriously. If convicted of an offense such as a certain drug crimes, hit and run, homicide, kidnapping, manslaughter, a sex crime or other felonies, your life can quickly change for the worse. Even minor offenses frequently have heavy repercussions. At our firm, our experience has proven that being charged with a crime does not have to end in a conviction. Fortunately, a proven Tarzana criminal defense lawyer from our firm can undertake actions to help you fight back.

We start with an offer of a free initial consultation so that you understand the charges you face and the legal actions we could engage in to safeguard your rights. Attorneys at The Law Office of Peter Berlin also make themselves available to the 35,000 residents of Tarzana 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including holidays and weekends. We know that you may be in need of our help off normal business hours. In response, we make every effort to accommodate your requests for assistance or information.

In order to provide our best service to you, it is important that we are involved as soon as possible in your case. We investigate to find out what occurred and the evidence that is being compiled against you. In many cases, our actions early on in a case bring about a dismissal of the charges. For other individuals, we get the charges reduced and thus lessen any penalties down the road.

In some cases the most effective action we take is to bring your case to trial and pursue an acquittal. Through well planned and executed criminal defense strategies, we work hard toward seeing that our clients have a persuasive and compelling case for the defense presented in court. The prosecution in your case bears the burden of proving the case against you beyond a reasonable doubt. We don’t have to prove that you did not commit the crime. Our attorneys do endeavor, though, to illustrate that there is significant doubt as to your guilt.

How a Proven Criminal Lawyer Can Help

Our firm represents those accused of a wide array of criminal offenses such as assault, white collar crimes, firearm violations, robbery, rape, theft crimes and other criminal accusations. If you face prosecution for a federal crime, our help becomes even more crucial. Crimes prosecuted at the federal level are routinely penalized much more severely than similar offenses at the state level. You must have an attorney who is admitted to practice law in federal court.

Commonly, the defense in your case exposes the facts and that a prosecutor failed to prove your guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. In some instances, this is done by demonstrating that a prosecution witness has a certain bias in your case and may have been untruthful in their testimony. A common example is any false accusations made in a domestic violence case. In all cases, we engage in a skillful cross-examination to expose weaknesses in the testimony against you.

Police actions are not free from error – far from it. Our attorneys work to show how investigators have erred in gathering or maintaining the evidence against you. In many instances, this will lead to the weakening of a prosecutor’s efforts to convict you. A case in point is the crime of drug possession. In some cases, we can get charges dismissed if the evidence was gathered from an illegal search and seizure of your property or person. Another example is an individual arrested for a DUI offense. Blood or breath tests are used to establish a person’s blood alcohol content and these tests could have been incorrectly administered. A prosecutor’s case can come undone when we illustrate that the tests were improperly administered or that the machines used were incorrectly calibrated and/or maintained.

In other defense cases, we mount effective challenges to the credibility of a witnesses’ testimony. Sometimes the stories that are told defy common sense or logic and we work to use this to your advantage. Only an attorney with years of success in criminal defense cases will see and be able to benefit from a lack of good judgment in a prosecutor’s case.

We encourage you to benefit from our 15 plus years of experience and knowledge. Give yourself a better opportunity for a favorable outcome in your case.

Contact a Tarzana criminal defense attorney from our firm for information about how we can take action for your defense.

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