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What You Need to Know About Criminal Conviction Penalties

In a criminal defense case, there are many pieces of evidence that may be brought against you, as well as testimonies from witnesses depending on what kind of charge you are facing. There are some criminal charges that do not require much evidence in order to charge you with a criminal act. It is a sad reality, but there are some cases where an angry individual or a revenge seeking acquaintance may falsely accuse you of a crime such as assault. This is a very difficult situation and will require the legal aid of an experienced and skilled attorney in order to cut through the false accusations and reveal the truth.

If you are convicted of a criminal act, then you could face very serious penalties. Each crime may result in misdemeanor charges or a felony charge, each of which carry severe penalties. However a felony charge is generally more serious, especially in the long run. Domestic violence, battery, kidnapping, manslaughter and homicide could all be charged as felonies. A felony conviction could result in hefty fines and/or an extensive prison sentence, in addition to this, a felony charge could also result in a strike on your record. Under the California three strikes law a third strike can result in a prison sentence of 25 years to life regardless of the original sentence.

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At The Law Office of Peter Berlin a Riverside County criminal defense attorney will be able to assist you with criminal defense representation regardless if you are being falsely accused or not. We understand the difficulties you can be facing, especially in the case of wrongful accusation. There is a great sense of urgency that your case is assessed and a defense litigation strategy be implemented immediately. We believe that no two cases are alike and that all options must be explored and considered before a litigation strategy is selected and implemented. In addition, any litigation strategy must be tailored to fit the specific needs of the case at hand as well as the desires and goals of the client.

At our firm you will not be just another client, you will not be a small fish in a big pond. We believe in the necessity of extensive one-on-one personal service for each of our clients. We have been formed for the purpose of providing premiere criminal defense representation and that is what we intend to provide. Our experience, accomplishments, education and interests define our firm’s philosophy of team work, excellence in client satisfaction and ultimately achieving results for our clients. We offer a free initial consultation as well as 24/7 contact availability so that you may receive legal advice at any time and without financial obligation.

Contact a Riverside County criminal lawyer from our firm for sound legal advice regarding your criminal charge today.

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