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Are you currently facing criminal charges? If this is the situation, above all else you want an experienced Reseda criminal attorney who is known for getting results in criminal cases. For more than 15 years now, The Law Office of Peter Berlin have worked to produce the most favorable outcomes possible in criminal defense cases. We take pride in developing legal strategies to fit your exact case and situation and this has been an important part of our success to date.

Reseda was one of the first suburbs in the San Fernando Valley and with its growth has come a rise in crime. Our firm protects those accused of white collar, sex, theft, drug and federal crimes as well as firearm, parole and probation violations to name a few. We know how to effectively challenge the evidence against you whether you are charged with a first time DUI, require proven legal help at a DMV hearing or need defense against accusations of hit and run. We have achieved positive results for our clients in a wide range of criminal cases, and we can assist you too. To accomplish this, our team makes itself available to you no matter the time of day or night or the day of the week, including weekends and holidays. We urge you to take the first positive step in your defense and contact an attorney from our firm today.

You can only truly judge the skills of an attorney by the final resolution achieved in court. An example is when one of our clients was being investigated for fleeing the scene of an accident and being under the influence of an impairing substance. Through the legal actions we took, hit and run charges were never filed. In a grand theft case, an individual faced the very real possibility of large fines along with time in jail. We entered into discussions and negotiations with the California Attorney General’s office and the conclusion of the case was a dismissal of the charges.

One of the worst crimes to be charged with is sexual assault of a minor. Conviction brings about harsh penalties and the stigma that goes along with being found guilty will last a lifetime in most cases. Fortunately, early on in a case we were able to represent a client accused of sexual contact with a minor and prevented charges from ever being filed.

There are multiple factors that influence the penalties for DUI. In some cases, you can be prosecuted for a felony offense whereas other charges are misdemeanors, but still have serious repercussions. When our actions reduce the DUI charges to a lesser offense, the penalties can be significantly diminished. An example is a client who had been charged with a first time DUI, and our attorney was able to reduce the charges to a far less serious misdemeanor offense.

Accused of a terrorist threat, theft, drug crime or other offense?

These days, potential terrorist threats are taken seriously and punished heavily. By our lead attorney talking to the correct police agency, we were able to prevent the filing of terrorist threats charges against an individual who had come to us for help. In a recent theft case, an individual was charged with a felony for receiving stolen goods. After skilled negotiations with the District Attorney, our firm got the felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor. In another case, a person who came to us for help was accused of selling drugs to a police officer. In the end, we got certain of the counts against this individual reduced and time in jail was avoided for his other charges.

Throughout this page, we hope to communicate a clear message to you. While no defense counsel can guarantee a specific result in your case, there is a factor that you can take into consideration when retaining our firm. We have a track record of maximizing an individual’s opportunity to reach a favorable conclusion to their criminal case.

In a further effort to assist you, there is a particular legal situation that we would like you to be aware of. At times, police do not have sufficient evidence to charge you with a crime. They may suspect that you were involved but do not have proof. In these situations, you can become the subject of police scrutiny and the purpose of these pre-file investigations is to compile data and evidence against you. Once sufficient information is gathered, you can be arrested and charged with an offense. If police suspect you took part in a crime, their only objective will be to find enough information to press charges against you. It is especially important that you retain committed legal counsel during this time and our goal in such cases is to protect you and fight to prevent charges from ever being filed. Even when this is not possible, by our involvement early on in your case, you may avoid legal errors that can hurt you down the road.

To retain a firm with a documented history of results, contact a Reseda criminal lawyer from our firm today.

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