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Being arrested for the first time can be a frightening and confusing experience. You may not understand the legal process you are now caught in, and are unsure what could happen to you. Those with prior convictions know that our state has a very tough criminal justice system and the penalties imposed are often extensive. Any prior conviction can be very serious if new charges have been filed. Our experience proves that although you are in a tough situation, there are effective actions that could produce a positive result in your case.

For more than 15 years, The Law Office of Peter Berlin have provided skilled criminal defense for individuals accused of committing a range of criminal offenses. Our practice extends to assisting those charged with sex, theft, federal and white collar crimes to probation, parole and firearm violations. We strive to safeguard the freedoms of people charged with violent crimes such as assault, battery, hit and run, manslaughter and homicide as well as many other types of offenses. We represent the criminally accused in Valley Glen and we take our duty and responsibility to our clients extremely seriously.

Each case is unique, but the process in the criminal justice system will move through several predictable steps. Each phase is important, from the arraignment, to the bail hearing, to any pretrial hearings or other appearances, and ultimately the trial. We research your case and the factors that lead up to your arrest, and we carefully analyze every detail of the evidence against you. Our attorney must carefully review the actions taken by police to gather evidence and how law enforcement carried out your arrest. In many instances, our work at the start of a case has led to a fast, positive resolution of a client’s situation, including a full dismissal of charges.

When an experienced Valley Glen criminal attorney from our firm takes up your case, the first goal is to find out if it is possible to prevent charges from being filed. When our firm is retained as soon as you know you are under investigation or have been arrested, you could gain a significant advantage. We have prevented charges being filed in numerous cases including terrorist threats, sexual assault of a minor, hit and run and others. We are available to assist you quickly and can be contacted any day of the week or time of the day. When needed, we work for our clients on weekends and holidays.

If we cannot stop the charges being filed against you, we could have other opportunities to get them dismissed at the earliest possible point in your case. Our firm has achieved numerous dismissals in a variety of cases such as grand theft and others. In some cases, we get clients charges reduced as this is our best option, based upon the circumstances of the case. When we are successful at achieving a reduction of charges, it may prevent incarceration and reduce the impact of other penalties. We have reduced charges in numerous cases including drug crimes, receiving stolen property, DUI and juvenile crimes to name a few.

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To provide you with real-life examples of how skilled criminal defense works, let’s take a look at how some criminal charges can be resolved. Domestic violence accusations are frequently made out of anger, an attempt to gain leverage in a divorce case or from a desire to seek revenge. A proven defense strategy is to show bias on the part of a witness for the prosecution. Demonstrating that a witness may be lying can raise considerable doubt as to a defendant’s guilt.

DUI charges and DMV hearings regularly depend upon the results of field sobriety tests and/or the use of blood and breath tests. Field sobriety tests contain known flaws that can make the results undependable. Blood or breathe tests are, at times, incorrectly administered and the devices used to perform these tests can be improperly maintained or calibrated. A skilled attorney can raise doubt as to the training of those who take these tests or interpret their results. In challenging these tests, a defense lawyer can frequently get the evidence against you suppressed and rendered unusable in court.

In an assault case, when we demonstrate that you were solely trying to protect yourself, it can cause the charges to be reduced or dismissed. When an attorney from the firm reveals that an illegal search or seizure was used to gain evidence against you, it can weaken a prosecutor’s case for possession or distribution charges in a drug case. If we show that an individual did not know certain images had been downloaded onto his or her computer, accusations of child pornography may prove groundless.

There are a great many instances where an accomplished attorney knows what to do to safeguard your rights. You must take the first step and talk to an attorney from our firm today.

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