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Criminal Defense in Homicide, Firearm Violation and Other Cases

You have likely heard that even when you are arrested for a crime, you still retain specific rights. While this is an accurate statement, do you know these rights and how to exercise them? Regrettably, many people do not fully understand what they should and should not do once they have been arrested. Some have false information regarding the protections provided to them under the law. This erroneous or missing data can lead to costly mistakes early on in your case but you can, however, avoid such dangers. When you retain a committed Winnetka criminal defense lawyer from our firm, you take the first step in safeguarding your rights and freedoms.

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin, we operate strictly upon the premise that a person is innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Some individuals in Winnetka may have gotten caught in the wrong place at the wrong time and arrested for a crime they did not have any involvement in. Regrettably, law enforcement can sometimes target innocent people, and we are prepared to help them fight back. Routinely, we start by doing detailed research into the factors that lead to your arrest and the evidence that a prosecutor intends to use against you. Police and other investigators are bound by specific laws regarding how to conduct their investigations and gather evidence against you. When we find violations of your rights have taken place, we will move ahead at once to expose the violations to the court and seek a dismissal whenever possible.

You should have been read and understood your Miranda Rights at the time of your arrest. If your rights were not read to you, we will fight to get the charges against you dismissed. For more than 15 years, our firm has successfully protected the rights that we all share when living in the U.S.A., despite being arrested for a crime. Our firm practices criminal defense in for a wide range of criminal accusations, including robbery, drug crimes, DUI and firearm violations to homicide, sex crimes, assault and many more. We have a history of providing high-quality defenses against such charges as domestic violence, federal and white collar crimes, juvenile offenses, probation violations, theft crimes and others.

Taking Action to Safeguard Your Rights

The first action you should take is to exercise your right to remain silent. You can identify yourself but beyond that you should not talk to investigators about your case or any related matters. Instead, call an attorney from our firm as quickly as possible. We know that an arrest can take place at odd times. Please contact us any day of the week, including the weekends and holidays.

Investigators are skilled at getting a potential defendant to begin talking and eventually make statements that will be used to convict them of a crime. You may know that you are innocent or that a mistake has been made in your case, but that does not ensure you will be treated fairly. Prosecutor’s often urge individuals who are under investigation to provide information about alleged criminal activities. In some cases, defendants can mistakenly believe that by giving such information it will assist their own cases, and have been dismayed to discover that this is not the case. Law enforcement can lie to you to get information from you. Never allow an interrogation without having your attorney present to protect you.

There could be efforts to make a deal with you to reduce your charges in exchange for a guilty plea. Many times, this is done without having an accomplished attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Plea bargains do have a legitimate use in our criminal justice system. Without the use of legal representation, though, you could lose out on your best chance for a favorable conclusion to your case. You can also forfeit the possibility of being exonerated of the charges and having your day in court. We believe you should pursue all legal options available that could lead to a positive outcome. We use our negotiation skills when this will be most beneficial to your individual case. All the same, we are not hesitant to bring your case to trial when this will best serve you. We like to win for our clients, and do everything possible to help them fight back when we take a case to trial.

You also have a right to the attorney of your choice and we urge you to find out more about our case results and our impressive record of success at trial. We offer a free initial consultation to those who need our assistance. Not only do we provide committed representation, but we also can advise you as to your legal choices and we will always give you straightforward answers so you can make informed decisions. Our entire team is respectful, professional, responsive, and when we get to court – aggressive and ready to present a persuasive case for you.

Contact a Winnetka criminal defense attorney from our firm immediately after an arrest so we can take action for your defense. We are available 24/7.

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