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Located in Los Angeles County, Burbank is in a prime spot only 12 miles from the downtown area and just north of the widely recognized Griffith Park. The city is known for the large incorporation of the entertainment business, with many media studios located in or around it. It is also the location of the oldest Bob’s Big Boy Restaurant, which was originally opened in 1949. The area is known for being a generally safer neighborhood and it is able to provide a quitter setting while still being located to a highly populated area itself. Burbank has a little over 100,000 residents living in it.

Law enforcement in Burbank is continually on the lookout to keep the area safe, but in their efforts they can wrongfully accuse or over penalize many individuals. If you are one of these people, it is recommended that you contact our firm and speak with a capable criminal defense lawyer. There are many issues that can arise in a criminal defense case and you should not face them alone. We are highly familiar in dealing with the local court system and recognize what steps should be taken in the different charges. The main headquarters for the police and fire department is located at 200 North Third Street, and we represent many of the individuals that find themselves being booked here.

Charged or arrested in Burbank?

Seek the aid of an experienced and skilled Burbank criminal defense attorney from The Law Office of Peter Berlin after you have been arrested or charged. You have the right to a fair trial as well as to an attorney; our legal team can help you through you case and provide skilled
criminal defense representation. In the case of assault, battery or other violent crimes such as manslaughter and homicide, it is advisable that you seek the legal aid of our legal team so that we can begin reviewing your case and building a defensive plan.

There are essentially two ways that a criminal act can be charged, as a felony or as a misdemeanor. Each crime will fall under a felony or misdemeanor depending on the severity, the type of crime, and criminal history. There are however, some crimes that are known as wobblers which means that the penalty could be either a misdemeanor or a felony depending on your criminal history and other circumstances. Sex crimes such as rape, statutory rape and child pornography are often charged as felonies, there are some federal crimes that can also be charged as a felony. The penalties for a felony can include fines, probation, prison or any combination as well as other penalties. Another penalty for a felony conviction could be a strike on your record. Under the California three strikes law, you could face multiplied prison sentences for additional felony convictions.

Criminal Defense Representation in Burbank, CA

At The Law Office of Peter Berlin our firm is dedicated to providing premiere criminal defense representation for those who are facing criminal charges. Because of the serious penalties that you may be facing for conviction, it is vital that you seek the legal aid of a member of our legal team immediately. Penalties for a conviction in the Burbank area can leave you facing jail time, fines, probation and more. The California laws are strict and you want to make every effort to avoid an unfavorable outcome. Not only are there the legal ramifications and the cost, the City of Burbank keeps the information of its crime statistics and arrests log as public information on their website. This can leave the information of our arrest open knowledge for your employer, friends and family to have access to. An arrest itself can be difficult enough, you do not want to be left facing a conviction on top of it.

Our legal team is formed of seasoned lawyers who are at the forefront of trial practice in the California court system, and we are available to be contacted by you 24/7, nights, weekends and holidays. There are cases such as DUI and drug crimes that can be confusing and difficult to face. If you choose to work with our legal team you can be sure that you will receive extensive one-on-one personal service, you will not be a small fish in a big pond. We believe that no two cases are alike and that any litigation strategy must be tailored to fit the specific needs of the case as well as the desires and goals of the client.

If you are facing criminal charges, contact a Burbank criminal lawyer from The Law Office of Peter Berlin.

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