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When should you hire an attorney and what type of lawyer will best serve your needs? If you are under police investigation or have been accused of a crime, you need fast answers. We make ourselves available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide legal representation that is committed to help you when you need it most. A proven West Hills criminal attorney from our firm is willing to work with you on weekends or holidays, if that is what it will require to safeguard your freedoms. Criminal charges don’t always take place during business hours. We are available to take action at any time of day or night for our clients.

Many cases begin well before an arrest, when law enforcement first suspects your involvement in criminal activity. Pre-file investigations are conducted when a crime has taken place and the police suspect that you were involved, but don’t have sufficient evidence to arrest you. You should retain an experienced lawyer from The Law Office of Peter Berlin as soon as you become aware that you may be the target of a criminal investigation. When you delay, you put your rights and liberties at risk. We will investigate what has occurred thus far and take action to protect you at this point in the process, which is critical. Throughout the last 15 years of successful criminal defense work, our actions have led to the prevention of charges being filed against many of our clients. We have stopped the filing of charges in numerous cases from hit and run or sex crimes to terrorist threats.

If you have already been arrested and taken into custody, a skilled attorney can review the circumstances which lead to your detention and the propriety of the actions taken by the police. Police make mistakes in their investigations and, in some cases it has been discovered that the investigators failed to follow correct procedures when collecting evidence, or other error. If this takes place, we may be able to move forward and gain an immediate and significant advantage. When we demonstrate that evidence was obtained in an unlawful manner, we will fight to have the evidence determined to be inadmissible in court. This can fatally weaken a prosecutor’s case against you. An example was a recent case in which a client was facing large fines and incarceration for an alleged grand theft related to healthcare products. We negotiated with the California Attorney General’s Office and got our client’s case dismissed.

Getting Criminal Charges Dismissed or Reduced

There are several situations that you need to be aware of if you have been arrested. Both demonstrate the need to have committed legal representation as soon as possible. Police are skilled at taking advantage of a defendant’s willingness to ignore their constitutional right to remain silent. Investigators know that if they can get you to start talking, it is likely that statements will be made that will be used to convict you of a crime. When we serve as your legal counsel, we work hard to avoid these costly mistakes.

In some cases, a prosecutor will attempt to get you to plead guilty to a crime in exchange for a reduction of the charges against you. We have achieved a reduction of charges in many cases, including those involving juvenile crime (assault with a deadly weapon), receiving stolen property, drug crimes and DUI. While getting charges reduced can lessen the severity of penalties you are assessed, we only do this when it is what will best serve our client. Without the advice of proven counsel, a prosecutor can persuade you into a plea deal that may not actually benefit you. Additionally, by agreeing with a plea bargain, you can lose any rights you have to be found not guilty in a trial. We established our firm to provide premiere criminal defense through all phases of your case, including at trial.

Once you have been charged with a crime, the next legal action that usually takes place is the arraignment. At this hearing, several decisive activities take place. One is how you will plead to the charges against you, and another is whether bail will be set and, if so, how much. Having a skilled defense lawyer to represent you on bail matters can make a difference in whether or not you remain in jail. It can also significantly affect any conditions and terms you must adhere to when released.

Unfortunately, many people wait until after they have been arrested and arraigned before seeking counsel. We urge you to not make this same mistake. We assist those accused of many types of offenses including white collar and federal crimes, assault, battery, homicide, domestic violence and firearm violations. The work we perform at the start of a case is often significant and a determining factor in the final successful resolution to our clients legal problems. Whether you have already been arrested or expect that you are the target of a criminal investigation, contact our firm at once for the professional representation you need.

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