Charlie Sheen Accused of Assault and Battery

October 6, 2014
Charlie Sheen Accused of Assault and Battery

Charlie Sheen has been sued by a dental technician for alleged assault and sexual battery, as well as intentional infliction of emotional distress during an appointment.

Account of Assault and Battery

The recently filed complaint was filed at the Los Angeles County Superior court on behalf of Margarita Palestino. The dental office technician also says her employer, George Bogen, told her that during the incident Sheen “was ‘high’ on a combination of crack cocaine, Theradol, and alcohol.”


According to the file complaint, the TV star had an appointment on Sept. 25. Sheen was accompanied to the appointment by  a bodyguard and personal assistant. During the appointment, in the examination room, a nitrous oxide mask was placed on the Sheen. Allegedly, Sheen “ripped off the mask and jumped out of the chair, causing the dental instruments to fall to the floor.” According to the complaint, the actor “then yelled ‘I’m going to f—king kill you,'” to Bogen, Palestino, as well as another dentist in the room.

Allegedly Sheen “grabbed [Palestino’s] left breast area and pulled her scrubs,” as well as “forcefully punched [Palestino’s] chest.” The complaint goes on to say that, “As a direct and legal cause of [Sheen’s] wrongful and intentional conduct, [Palestino] suffered and continues to suffer physical injury, pain and suffering and mental anguish.”


According to Sheen’s attorney Marty Singer: “This ridiculous and fictional lawsuit was filed by an opportunist who is looking for her 15 minutes of fame. She filed this suit in retaliation for losing her job as result of her being informed that she violated the HIPAA statute by disclosure of patient information.”


Source:  The Hollywood Reporter, Charlie Sheen Sued for Assault, Sexual Battery by Dental Technician, October 3, 2014

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