David Angelo Drake: Assault & Battery Charges

September 12, 2014
David Angelo Drake: Assault & Battery Charges

23-year-old David Angelo Drake of San Diego has been accused of a series of assault and battery charges on women occurring over the past three months.

Charges of Assault and Battery

He has been taken into custody and booked on suspicion of a total of six counts: assault, assault with intent to commit a felony, five counts of battery causing serious bodily injury, and two counts of forcible sex with a foreign object. The terms “assault” and “battery” are actually two separate legal concepts that come with their own distinct elements. An “assault” is when a person attempts or threatens to injure another person. A “battery” is actually making contact with another person in a harmful or offensive manner.

Police Efforts

According to SDPD Chief Shelley Zimmerman, an increase in police efforts and community-outreach efforts by both city officials and citizens produced a large amount of tips that helped the investigation. The most recent attack happened on August 28 at around 11:30 pm. A woman was knocked to the ground, and then punched in the face in an alley. Several witnesses came to the woman’s aid once she screamed. This scared off the attacker. Roadside surveillance cameras were able to capture pictures of the suspect. Once the images were made public, the police were tipped off to Drake.

The first attack in the series happened on June 11. June 24th a woman was jumped from behind. She was tackled and then pummeled in the face. The woman lost consciousness. On July 20, a woman was attacked from behind and then knocked out. Similar attacks took place on June 17 and June 21, according to police.

Arraignment for Assault & Battery Charges

Drake is set to be arraigned this week. His bail has been set at $855,000.


Source: 760kfmb.com, Accused attacker in North Park sexual assaults set to be arraigned, September 11, 2014

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