Drug Tainted Bread Causes Closing of Bakery

January 20, 2015
Drug Tainted Bread Causes Closing of Bakery

Police in Santa Ana have opened a criminal investigation into a local bakery that distributed bread that was tainted with drugs. The holiday bread, known as Rosca de Reyes, was made at Cholula’s Bakery in Santa Ana.

Rosca de Reyes

The circular-shaped bread is typically baked with a baby Jesus figure inside. It’s traditionally eaten to celebrate Three Kings Day.

Victims of Tainted Bread

At least 40 people have fallen sick from the bread. Hospitals receiving the patients reported to police that the victims suffered hallucinations and other symptoms. None of the symptoms were serious enough to warrant admitting the patients to the hospital.

“The one common factor was they had all eaten the same bread,” said Santa Ana Police Cpl. Anthony Bertagna.

Bakery Closed

The bakery has been closed pending investigations by not only police, but also the Orange County Health Care Agency after finding traces of a cockroach infestation.

Preliminary lab results taken from product samples indicate the presence of a synthetic drug. Bertagna was not able to speak further as the final lab results are pending. They are expected in a week or two.

The bakery will remain closed until it: 1. Disposes of all opened food and ingredients used to make the bread, 2. Completes professional restaurant-grade cleaning and 3. Provides mandatory food training to all of its staff.

Source: Los Angeles Times, Police open criminal probe into drug-laced bread that sickened 40, January 9, 2015

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