DUI Hit and Run Defense

August 1, 2016

Getting into an auto accident is bad. Getting into an auto accident with alcohol in your system is worse. Getting into an auto accident with alcohol in your system and deciding to flee the scene is awful, especially if the other driver was hurt in the collision. In California, you could be charged with a misdemeanor hit and run or felony hit and run.

A misdemeanor hit and run focuses on property damage while felony hit and run is concerned with physical harm to others (the other driver, a passenger, a pedestrian etc.).

What is Considered a Hit and Run Accident in California?

If you drive away from a collision without stopping to confer with the other driver, or drive away after hitting a pedestrian or an object, you are committing a hit and run. You could even be committing a hit and run if the other driver was at fault.

What are the Penalties Associated with a DUI Hit and Run?

If you are charged with a misdemeanor hit and run, you could face multiple severe penalties including three years of probation, a monetary fine of up to $1,000, a jail term of up to six months in county jail, and two points on your driving record.

Why Should I Hire a Los Angeles DUI Defense Lawyer?

As you can see, the penalties associated with a DUI hit and run conviction can be life-altering – jail time, probation, huge fines, and points on your driving record that could cause your auto insurance premiums to skyrocket. Do not fight this alone – the stakes are too high.

There are multiple defenses that can be utilized to fight DUI hit and run charges. For example, we can argue that the only damage sustained was to your car. This commonly happens if, for example, you were operating a sedan and wound up colliding with a large truck or sport utility vehicle. In this situation, you are not duty bound to stop and exchange insurance.

We could also defend the charge by pointing to a lack of knowledge (either about your involvement in the collision or about any alleged property damage). This may occur if you are involved in a minor collision and did not even realize that another vehicle was involved in the collision.

Or we could argue that you were not actually operating the vehicle at the time of the accident (e.g., your child, spouse, or other third party was actually operating the vehicle) or that your vehicle was stolen. This defense is persuasive if there is no eyewitness to testify that you were operating the vehicle at the time of the collision, or you filed a stolen vehicle report.

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