Keyshia Cole Accused of Assault

October 29, 2014
Keyshia Cole Accused of Assault

It looks like Keyshia Cole will not be charged for the assault of a woman in Los Angeles.

Alleged Assault

Allegedly, the 32-year-old singer attacked a woman in her boyfriend’s Los Angeles penthouse. Her boyfriend is Cash Money Records co-founder, Birdman. Cole turned up at her boyfriend’s penthouse around 5am, to find another woman was there. Allegedly, she then attacked the other woman. Rather than being charged, she has been let off with a warning.

According to a source, ”Prosecutors have told Cole instead of going to trial, they want her to appear at an informal office hearing, where someone from the City Attorney’s Office will listen to Cole and the victim and then give the singer a stern warning not to do it again … or else.”

Anger Management Classes Rather than Assault Charge

This verdict, a warning rather than an assault charge, means Keyshia will not face jail time. Rather, Cole might have to attend anger management classes.

In 2007, the singer was nominated for a Grammy for Best Contemporary RNB Album. LAPD arrested her on account that she already had an outstanding warrant for reckless driving. She was also charged with misdemeanor battery. She was taken to the Valley Jail in Van Nuys. Her bail was set at $46,000 – $20,000 for the assault charge and $20,000 for the reckless driving charge. She posted bail and left the jail several hours later.

Accused of Assault?

An assault charge can carry jail time and fines. It’s crucial that you contact and assault attorney if you have been charged or accused. Working with an attorney can help lower times as well as lessen potential jail time.

Source: AZ Central, Keyshia Cole won’t face assault charges, October 28, 2014

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