Koreatown DUI Crackdown

November 17, 2014
Koreatown DUI Crackdown

When it comes to cracking down on DUIs in Los Angeles, it seems Los Angeles police have a few favorite neighborhoods.

Koreatown DUI Crackdown

It seems in L.A., police target South L.A. and the communities surrounding downtown. These areas are notoriously known for their immigrant-rich communities. While at the same time, it seems that wealthier areas of L.A., such as West Los Angeles, Pacific and West Valley divisions, don’t often fall under the microscope as often. While police might say they use arrest data to help determine just where to focus their crackdown efforts, it seems certain areas are still unfairly targeted, such as Koreatown.

DUI Checkpoints

Because of this targeting, it’s important to be aware of DUI checkpoints that are set up throughout L.A. and its surrounding areas. These sobriety checkpoints are meant to apprehend and get drunk drivers off of the streets. During these street checks, police randomly select drivers to see if they are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. If a selected driver’s speech sounds like it is slurred or his or her breath smells of alcohol, he or she is asked to leave the car in order to perform field sobriety tests. If it is determined through the field sobriety tests that they are under the influence they will be arrested and taken to jail.

DUI Defense

When dealing with a DUI defense case, lawyers must determine if adequate procedures were employed by the arresting officers. According to Chief Justice Rehnquist, “guidelines” must exist regarding the checkpoint’s location, publicity, and roadblock operation. Additionally, the effectiveness of roadblocks is often contested for the reason that they are not effective. According to studies performed by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, “the number of DWI arrests made by the roving patrol program was nearly three times the average number of DWI arrests made by the checkpoint programs”.


Source: LA Weekly, Weekend DUI Crackdown Starts Tonight in Koreatown (Again!), November 13, 2014

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