LA Sheriff’s Department Employees Accused of Theft

January 13, 2015
LA Sheriff’s Department Employees Accused of Theft

According to authorities, four employees of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department have been accused of theft.

Theft and Bribery Allegations

The four have been relieved from duty for allegations that they stole from towed vehicles and also accepted cash from vehicle owners looking to avoid towing and impounding of their vehicles. According to officials, in early December Sheriff’s investigators were made aware of evidence that the three deputy sheriffs and a parking control officers might have been involved in criminal activity.


After receiving the tip off, the Sheriff’s Department “immediately began an investigation to determine if there had been other instances of criminal activity on the part of those implicated, or whether any other personnel were involved in this misconduct.” As a result, the employees have been relieved from duty pending the out-come of the criminal investigation. No other personnel have been implicated. There also does not appear to be any additional criminal activity, according to officials.

Swift Response

Sheriff Jim McDonnell noted the importance of the Department’s response. “As a law enforcement organization, it is imperative that we earn the public’s trust each day,” said McDonnell. “Any acts of misconduct by members of our Department tarnish the badge all of us wear and erode the confidence the public has in law enforcement.

“We will respond swiftly and resolutely whenever acts of this nature come to our attention, just as we did in this case.”

Working with an Attorney

If you’ve been wrongly accused of a crime, you should immediately contact a criminal defense lawyer.

Source: CBS Los Angeles, LA Sheriff’s Deputies, Parking Officer Relieved Of Duty Over Theft, Bribery Allegations, January 12, 2015

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