LAX Baggage Theft

February 17, 2015
LAX Baggage Theft

A 23-year-old man was arrested for baggage theft at Los Angeles Airport.

Luggage Theft

According to the LAX Police Department, 23-year-old Ryan Green of Long Beach was taken into custody for the theft of luggage from passenger baggage claim areas at LAX.

Commercial Burglary

Green was taken into custody for commercial burglary after officers viewed surveillance video and connected him to the baggage theft. Officers were monitoring the passenger baggage claim areas over the weekend due to a reported increase in baggage theft claims from the terminals towards the south side of LAX.

Green was spotted on the surveillance camera taking a bag from a carousel in Terminal 5 and then leaving the area.

Previous Baggage Theft

Police believe Green is responsible for previous baggage thefts that occurred at the airport. This previous suspicion prompted the officers to follow Green to a nearby terminal. Once at the other terminal, Green took another bag that did not belong to him from a baggage claim carousel.

Authorities followed him into the men’s restroom. There they heard a shuffling in the handicapped stall. Later it was revealed there were a number of stolen bags in the handicapped stall.

After leaving the bathroom, according to officers, Green threw a smaller piece of luggage into a trash bin. He then exited the terminal and walked to a shuttle stop to leave the airport.

At this point police arrested him. He admitted to the luggage theft and also provided a written statement that stated he had used his mother’s airline “buddy pass” to fly down to LAX from San Jose earlier that day.

The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office issued five felony counts of commercial burglary against Green.

Source: CBS, Long Beach Man Arrested In Baggage Theft At LAX, February 12, 2015

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