Manhunt for former LAPD Police Officer

February 7, 2013
Manhunt for former LAPD Police Officer

From the files of the “all is not well within the Los Angeles Police Department,” a manhunt is under way for a former LAPD officer who has allegedly killed three people, including his former LAPD colleagues. You can read more details about this ongoing situation here.

Although one must always be careful to extend the presumption of innocence, a valid concern remains about the psychological testing, evaluation and stability (or lack thereof) that may exist within any police department. After all, police officers are sworn to uphold the law, but as we often see, some officers do not live up to such a standard. Moreover, as the above article explains, the alleged officer was dismissed several years ago for allegedly making false statements about another officer. Clearly, this raises issues what this officer may have included in reports against alleged suspects and individuals he arrested.

All to often we see police reports that either stretch credibility or are outright false. Hopefully, a proper investigation of what other false statements this officer (or any other) may have made will be conducted.

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