Michael Phelps’ DUI

September 30, 2014
Michael Phelps’ DUI

According to the Maryland Transportation Authority, Olympic swimmer, Michael Phelps has been arrested on a DUI charge.

DUI Arrest

Phelps, known for winning 18 Olympic gold medals, was arrested early in the morning. He was charged with DUI, excessive speed (traveling at 84 mph in a 45-mph zone), and crossing double lane lines while driving through the Fort McHenry Tunnel on I-95 in Baltimore. The arresting officer identified Phelps by his driver’s license. According to the officer, he appeared to be under the influence. According to a statement released by the Maryland Transportation Authority, “He was unable to perform satisfactorily a series of standard field sobriety tests. Mr. Phelps was cooperative throughout the process.”

Not Phelps’ First DUI

In 2004, Phelps was arrested for charges of DUI in Maryland. He pleaded guilty and was later sentenced to 18 months of probation. Then in 2009, a photograph of Phelps allegedly smoking pot surfaced, thus causing Phelps to be suspended from competitive swimming for three months.

This past April Phelps returned to the pool for the first time since 2012.

He also sparked speculation regarding a comeback when he re-entered the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency’s testing program last November. The agency requires a nine-month waiting period before a swimmer can compete. Questions of an Olympic return in Brazil were sparked. to which Phelps said he is taking “one step at a time.”


In response to the recent DUI arrest, Phelps took to his official Twitter account, saying that he is “deeply sorry to everyone I have let down.”

Source: CNN, Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps arrested on DUI charge, September 30, 2014

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