Murrieta Mayor Resigns After Suspected DUI

October 22, 2014
Murrieta Mayor Resigns After Suspected DUI

The mayor of Murrieta, California has resigned after being arrested on suspicion of DUI.

DUI and Car Accident

Mayor of Murrieta, Alan Long, 44, resigned following a car accident that seriously injured four high school students. According to police, Long (who is also a battalion chief with the Anaheim Fire Department), showed “signs and symptoms consistent with alcohol impairment.”

According to the police statement, Long was driving in a full-sized truck when he crashed into the rear of the students’ vehicle. The Murrieta Valley High School students, ages 14 to 17, suffered moderate to major injuries. They were all transported to area hospitals.

Long’s attorney, Virginia Blumenthal, said Long rendered aid to the injured students while at the scene and that he expressed “deep concern for the safety and well-being of those” who had been injured in the accident.

According to police, Long was taken into custody after he failed a series of sobriety field tests.

BAC Below Legal Limit

Blumenthal, insisted Long’s blood-alcohol level was below the legal limit during the time of the accident. She added that Long’s resignation is not “not an admission of guilt.” Blumenthal called the incident an “accident,” and went on to say “There are a lot of accidents that are not crimes. Alcohol was consumed, but it’s our position that he was not under the influence of alcohol at the time he was driving.”

Why Resign?

But then why did he resign? According to Blumenthal, “Anytime you have a public official, you will always have cries for resignation. Because he’s mayor, you go out to ceremonial occasions. And you’d rather focus on the event at hand than be asked personal questions – and that’s what would happen.”

Long was released on $50,000 bail He has not been charged.

According to a biography on the Murrieta website, after receiving “highest number of votes,” Long was elected mayor in November 2010. Since the resignation, the biography has been removed and the position of mayor has now been listed as “Vacant.”

Source: Los Angeles Times, Murrieta mayor resigns after DUI arrest in crash that injured 4 students, October 20, 2013

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