O.C. Recording Studio Theft

October 16, 2014
O.C. Recording Studio Theft

Police are trying to track down three armed men suspected for theft of an Orange County Recording studio.

Invasion and Theft

The three men invaded the studio, tied up two men that were inside, and stole roughly $40,000 worth of cash and equipment.

Music producer Asaf Fulks was one of the men tied up. He was cleaning up at OC Recording Company when three strangers showed up at the studio. The men claimed they had scheduled a session.  “I knew there wasn’t a session. They said they came from Las Vegas, and they were lost,” Fulks said.

Armed with Box Tape

Fulks said each man had a gun and that one punched him in the face. The three men then ambushed Fulks’ business partner who was also helping at the studio. The men made Fulks and the partner strip naked. They then tied the two men together in the  recording studio’s back office. “They used like a, regular box tape, clear tape, around the arms,” Fulks said. “Then, at one point (they) had me come back out, and they wanted to know where the safe was.”

Among the items stolen were professional microphones, computers, speakers, guitars, and cash from the safe – roughly amounting to $40,000. “I was just following their requests. I wasn’t trying to be a superhero or anything,” Fulks said. “They had guns to my head. So what am I going to do?”

Police are Hopeful

The getaway car is being described as a white Chevrolet Uplander. Images of it were captured by a nearby security camera. Police are hopeful they will find the vehicle and the three men they describe “similar in appearance.” The three also were armed with semi-automatic handguns.

“We’d like other studios to be aware of this and to be careful and I think, not to open the door at night like that for people you don’t know,” said Fulks.

Source: NBC Los Angeles, Victims of $40K Recording Studio Theft Ordered to Strip Naked, October 15, 2014

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