Three Reasons to Hire a Los Angeles Criminal Defense Lawyer

August 15, 2016

If you or a loved one is facing felony charges or misdemeanor charges in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills, Encino, or anywhere else in California, you may be confronting a possible conviction that could alter your life permanently. 3Nevertheless, you may be hesitant to hire a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer. You may have heard horror stories about exorbitant legal bills and shoddy representation. You may think you are capable of defending yourself in court.

Do not make this mistake.

Hiring a Los Angeles criminal defense attorney can make a major difference in how your criminal case is handled, especially by the prosecutor that is assigned to your case. Below are three key reasons why it makes sense to retain legal counsel:

Your Freedom and Reputation are on the Line

What price tag would you place on your freedom when confronted with a felony DUI charge that could land you in prison for at least a year? Or how about your reputation if you are charged with statutory rape? It is your life and your future at stake. You may be under the mistaken belief that simply because you are innocent, you cannot be convicted or sentenced to serve prison time.


The key to getting criminal charges dropped or reduced is thoroughly examining the available evidence, the witnesses who may testify for you or against you, and your past criminal record, if any. Once these factors are assessed, a negotiation plan can be established on how to best approach the prosecutor and a potential trial strategy if the case goes to court. These are the skills and techniques an experienced criminal defense attorney can provide.

Level the Playing Field

Prosecutors spend their days in the courtroom working to convict defendants on an almost-daily basis. They are seasoned attorneys ready to convict you in an efficient and effective fashion. Level the playing field by having an experienced advocate on your side. Hiring a Los Angeles criminal defense lawyer will provide you with skilled legal representation. Your attorney can objectively examine the facts and use his or her knowledge to advise you whether an offered plea deal is worth consideration or if it makes sense to push forward to trial.

Improve Your Chances of Getting the Case Resolved Before Trial

The earlier you contact a criminal defense lawyer to work on your case, the higher the likelihood that the charges could be reduced or dropped entirely. This is because the early stages of a case are vital for the collection of evidence and assessment of key witnesses. The longer you take to speak to an attorney the stronger you are making the prosecution that is working to convict you.

Now is the Time to Fight for Your Rights

Contact the Law Office of Peter Berlin today so we can begin working for you. No matter what the details are surrounding your charges, we are capable and ready to assist you. Contact our office directly to schedule a free, confidential, and comprehensive consultation.


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